Forward-Backward Dynamic Balance Test

Forward-Backward Dynamic Balance Test Box Art

Forward-Backward Dynamic Balance Test
Rating: 4.8/5 (13)

The Forward/Backward Dynamic Balance Test - About

The Forward/Backward Dynamic Balance Tool allows you to measure the possibility of the patient to shift his/her body weight forward and backwards in a controlled manner. The test is performed with the balance board. During the test, the patient stands on the balance board and has to lean forward or backward for a certain degree and keep this position for 3 seconds according to on screen instructions. After each successful attempt the next round task is slightly more difficult, requiring more precise balancing.

The number of rounds completed within the specified time characterizes the balancing capabilities of the person.

After each session the testing score is calculated representing the patient’s balancing performance. We use the value of the number of completed rounds adding it to the time-left after completion of the last round. The time in seconds is converted into the decimal numbers as a fraction of one minute, so if 7.3 seconds is left after the last round, it is converted into 0.122 points (7.3 / 60 = 0.12).

  • All data are saved on the game servers’ database, so that mass analysis can be done later.
  • The statistics of all rounds is available and is shown when the test is over.
How to start the tool
  • Log in to the GABLE client, select the patient and run the Forward/Backward Dynamic Balance Test
  • Follow the screen instruction for connecting the Balance Board.
  • After the calibration of the balance board, step on the board and start following the screen instructions by moving your body forward and backwards.

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