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Woo's WWA
Rating: 4.6/5 (22)

Woo's Wonderful World Adventure - About the game

Woo's Wonderful World Adventure is an action puzzle adventure game, played with the balance board, where your objective is to take 'Woo The Cat' around the world rescuing your animal friends. Woo travels the world in his plane, going from country to country. Each country features beautiful artwork from the local culture, and has a unique child friendly puzzle Woo needs to solve, including freeing his captured and caged animal friends, clearing the dark skies currently present in the country and more. You can also activate power-ups that will help you during the gameplay. The game features, among other (learning) elements, a world map where Woo is flying from country to country, enabling the players to learn the names and location of countries in the world. The artwork, sound effects and music are child friendly. The end goal is to pass all the levels and liberate the world.

Game features
  • There are 3 playing modes: SINGLE PLAYER, CO-OP and PVP. CO-OP is a cooperative game where you play together with a friend over the internet, both of you have your own Woo, and the only way to pass a level is for both of you to work together to solve the level puzzle. PvP is a competitive game, where you play against another player over the internet, where the goal is to be the first to reach the target score of a level.
  • There are 10 levels and 8 types of level goals in the game: "Reach Score", "Remove Element Type", "Remove Chains", "Free Caged Animals", "Remove Clouds", "Treasure Digger", "Bomb Diffuser" and "Cannon Shooter".
  • It is possible to edit game levels with a Level Editor to adjust them to particular player’s needs. You can choose the number of horizontal and vertical blocks, number of block types, bomb drop probability, time limit, country and image intensity. You can also change features specific for some level such as type and number of caged animals.

A Context menu is accessible by pressing the right mouse button. It is navigated by continuously pressing the right mouse button, while pressing the left mouse button will select the highlighted item (It also works using the arrows on your keyboard).

The context menu allows you to:

  • Re-calibrate the balance board
  • Change the difficulty level
  • Restart the current level
  • Return to the level select menu
  • Quit the game
How to play the game
  • Log in to the GABLE client, select the patient and run the Woo's WWA game.
  • Follow the screen instruction for connecting the Balance Board.
  • After the calibration of the balance board, step on the board and start playing by moving your body to the left and to the right.
Level editor

WWWA game has 10 official levels.

General game difficulty could be individually adjusted on the 1-10 scale by selecting “Change Difficulty”

Recommended setting are as followed:

Children with GMFCS

  • Level I - difficulty 8-10
  • Level II - difficulty 1-4
  • Level III - difficulty 5-7

Therapist can create custom levels addressing the specific needs of a patient.

Here are some recommendations for adjustment.

  1. For the patient with GMFCS I:
    • Time Limit (Easiest) is 120
    • Increase the number of Blocks, Chains and Bombs, change Time Limit and specific level features for new challenges
  2. For the patient with GMFCS II:
    • Time Limit (Easiest) is 150
    • Time Limit/Move Limit can be removed
    • Chained Blocks can be added after the patient is familiar with the requirements of the level
  3. For the patient with GMFCS III:
    • Time Limit (Easiest) – 180 or can be removed
    • Time Limit/Move Limit can be removed
    • No Chained Blocks
  4. If the patient has significant attention problem
    • Low Image Intensity
    • No Time Limit but the preferable time for the game session is 3 minutes
    • Drop Countdown Time – 7 and more. Also, you can select Wait for Click in Drop Block Behaviour
    • No Specials
  5. If you want to focus on cognitive rather than balance training
    • First 3 levels are the simplest to follow by the patient
    • Score Limit – from 1400
    • No Time Limit but the preferable time for the game session is 3 minutes

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